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Home > News > Benefits of Marine CRM
Home > News > Benefits of Marine CRM

Benefits of Marine CRM

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Published 09:15 on 26 Sep 2016

Improve efficiency

Time is money, it's corney but true. If you spent just 15 minutes processing each booking then over 100 bookings you would be looking at almost 3 days work. How much does that cost you in working time and lost time when you could be on other projects?

Manage Boats, Customers and Work Force

For the first time you can manage boats, customer and work force (including contractors) from one place. The Marine CRM has a seperate section where you can add your boats then link them to customers or contacts and relate them to much more, such as events. You can also create a roster of jobs that are required then tag this with the relevent people who can update once the task is done.

Cloud Based

With the CRM system being solely online it means you can access and edit the data anywhere you have internet, even on a mobile or tablet. Being online offers not just greater flexibility but also security. All the finromation is backed up. So if you loose of break your computers you can still access all the client information quickly and easily.

Use on Mobile

The Marine CRM system is on a responsive site and is designed to work on phone or tablet. This offers greater flexibility and means you can check customer details even while on the move via the cloud system.

Improve customers experience

Track sales and invoices

Email Marketing

Over the years Newsletters have grown in popularity. The Marine CRM system offers a drag and drop newsletter building tool allowing you to build professional looking and responsive newsletters quickly and easily. It also offers critical analytics such as open and click rate. This is all connected tot he main CRM, so you can see which group of customers are clicking on what links. This helps build better and more effective newsletter campaigns.

Do Business Anywhere

With such a mobile system you can work anywhere you wish. Whether it's in an office, on a boat or out at sea.

Safe Guard Customer Information

Making sure your customer information is safe is paramount. All your data is protected with passwords.

Focus Marketing

By collaiting your customer in one database you can start to gain a greater understanding of who they are, where they found you and what they want. This will help you focus and grow your business targetting the right customer sand offering the best products and services.

Grow business

With a well worked CRM system, such as Marine CRM, you can build a clearer picture of who your customers are and what they want. You can also invest all the free time you've saved into building, developing and growing your business.

Customer portal

Having a customer portal gives not only a more reasurring professional appearance to customers, but it also gives them access to all their required information. They can log in and confirm events and bookings they're related to as well as documents.

Live bookings online

In this modern world we live in people want to see find out availability instantly. If you're a sailing operator (school, racing or trips) then being able to show live availability is critical and will almost instantly improve your sales turn over and leads. Marine CRM offers a searchable live availability section where customer can then optionally go and book online.

Last updated 10:11 on 24 November 2016

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